Work on Cask Store continues

Posted on October 1, 2016

The frame has been completed and over 50% of the roof has been installed.

T30263531186_b95930b936_khe lift and stair core has also been finished and the internal partitioning has been laid out across half of the apartments. The utility services for a number of the apartments have also been completed. As each apartment is unique it has been a real challenge for the site manager at our contractor Bray & Slaughter to ensure that the new steelwork frame that supports the apartment building is installed in exactly the right place without disturbing the retained façade. We have also had to ensure that the floors of each apartment line up perfectly so as to afford the very best view through the new windows in the restored facade. It’s been one of our toughest builds working next to the Castle Wharf and Malt House apartments and the Floating Harbour but we will be finished early in January.