Coopers Court will be a 10 storey building arranged around a single core, comprising 66 affordable homes. The scheme is fantastically situated and the shared ownership provides an opportunity for first time buyers to get on the property ladder. The different homes will appeal to professionals, couples and young families.

The planning application was submitted in March 2019 and has been refined through extensive consultation with the local community and key stakeholders and the designs have received the backing of the Bristol Urban Design Forum, Historic England, Bristol Civic Society and Bristol City Council’s City Design Group.

Identified by Bristol City Council as an area for dense urban development, the scheme has been designed to create a strong identity and sense of place, whilst ensuring it connects well to the surrounding area and works with heritage buildings nearby. Significant investment in improvements to the area around Coopers Court, including new landscaping, pedestrian and cycle routes, will help create a more attractive area and foster a sense of community.

The landscaping consultant has put a lot of work into how to create a better environment for people around the site to make a much more attractive place to gather and also considered carefully how to make it feel part of and connected to the surrounding area.